[Cin] Just checked into GIT a couple of things

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Fri Dec 28 22:10:47 CET 2018

Am 28.12.18 um 21:48 schrieb Phyllis Smith:
> Sam:
>     in the version from 24.12. I could mark and move a clip, after the
>     moving action the red frame remained (with the "Clears before
>     toggle" option checked). This makes sense in my opinion, because
>     you don't always find the right position right away and so you
>     might move the clip a few more times. In the current version from
>     yesterday, the red frame disappears after every action, which is
>     very cumbersome, because I have to mark the same clip again and
>     again. I'd appreciate it if the red frame stays as long as I
>     haven't selected another clip , as it was in the version of 24.12
>     (12.24.2018).
> I tested the above in my last 23.12 version and just to be clear, it 
> worked the same /with or without /"Clears before toggle" checked; that 
> is, it never clears after the move.

That's the desired behavior.

> It does not know to clear the one you just moved when you click 
> another one.  GG has reverted to that behavior.  Is that what you expect?

My point is that after moving a marked clip/group, the red frame doesn't 
always disappear. Because when you adjust a clip or group in the 
timeline, it doesn't always find the right position right away. 
Consequently, you have to move the same clip/group a few times until it 
fits, but every time you move it, the red frame disappears. I have to 
click the clip/group again to be able to move it. But exactly this 
causes too many clicks which would be unnecessary. As long as I don't 
click on another clip/group in "Clear before toggle" mode, the red frame 
should remain, even after a move action.
As soon as I click on another clip without CTRL (with "Clear before 
toggle" active), the red frame disappears from the old clip/group and is 
visible on the new clip/group.

>      Is it possible to copy effects alone?
>     With larger video projects you want to copy several effects
>     elsewhere without the corresponding clips. This would make it much
>     easier to work in the timeline.
> I will add this as a feature request -- he might be able to do that, 
> but not sure yet.  gg/Phyllis

Thx, good idea.

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