[Cin] LATE last week's Summary Report for cinelerra-gg.org website (12/22-28 only)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 18:35:46 CET 2018

*Summary Report for week Dec. 22 through Dec. 28 on Cinelerra-GG*
Sorry for lateness and for some additional unnecessary commentary that I
just had to add.  For past weeks, see:

- Always more website maintenance by Sam who keeps an eye on everything to
ensure secure/usable.
- *Good start* *on some initial translations *work for the website have
been provided by WPfilmmaker –
  see issue #35 for work in progress by Sam/WPfilmmaker.  More helpers
welcome to assist.

- The forum has been reworked to better align with user expectations.  See
issue #55 for discussion.
   Now, *especially the Q&A section *is better attuned to usage as it has
been sectioned into Video,
   Audio, Hardware, and Miscellaneous and made more obvious as far as
graphics and statistics.
- Check out suggestions for some interesting ideas, such as gafferhq.org,
voodoo camera tracking,
  contour jog wheel (which led to issue #83)


13 issues have been resolved or closed this week:
7  real drag and drop without having to lock tracks (HIGH PRIORITY long
awaiting implementation)
37 select feature on media resources works bad if proxy enabled
38 no red/white bar on preview vicon if proxy enabled
44 phantom keyframes boxes
45 load window apply minor bug
55 add filmmaking/video editing sections to the forum
58 changeable colors for the titles and background (IgorBeg has been
“begging” for this for long time)
63 add BRAW to News and "Motion Graphics" to Features
67 the boxes encroach on French translations in Preferences
75 scrolling with mouse wheel doesn't work on the website
76 can't find a way to register on the forum
80 crash by repeatedly moving clips with effects.
82 mute button does not work correctly with selected clips

3 issues are resolved from our point of view, but waiting to close to make
sure no fallout:
59 packaging issues identified in source tree (this is resolved and will
close soon)
60 cinelerra-gg sets unnecessary executable bits (this is resolved)
72 "Identifying source targets", does not work if I load old .xml files
(vacillating on disarmed tracks)

7 new bugs/feature requests have been added and not resolved or closed:
73 Proxy folder behind the scenes instead
77 Review for creating a single manual (this will be ongoing and will be
asking for review help)
78 FFStream::decode: Retry limit
79 AudioALSA::write_buffer err -32(Broken relay (pipe)) at sample 1
81 Add a donation page to the website?
83 Support for jog-wheels CONTOUR DESIGN ShuttlePRO V.2 and ShuttleXpress
84 Copy just the effects without the clip

16 are still open as previously noted:
2 masking enhancements and improvements (scheduling this to hopefully begin
in January)
6  add a reset button to the video/audio plugins
25 Gui HiDPI future support (see Dec. 30 email from Terje for his
information on this issue)
28 Add titler own background paper
31 the new function of identifying “source” targets still causes crashes
(no new crashes yet)
34 label mouse over feature
35 translate the web site in different languages (progress being made here!)
42 live preview feature
57 mark the thumbnail when the clip is used
61 fedora installation instructions on website do not copy/paste correctly
(Phyllis having trouble!)
62 google summer of code 2019
63 add BRAW to News and "Motion Graphics" to Features
64 Global Color Management in CinGG
66 remove "w" shortcut from all windows which closes the window
70 resource window: thumbnail preview
71 improve Videoscope plugin
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