[Cin] End of December builds are available

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 20:49:06 CET 2018

There are new builds available at the cinelerra-gg.org website.  GG really
pushed the limits of coding this month in order to get closer to fully
meeting expected features of an NLE.  But thanks to additional support from
testers and users and people reporting via email and MantisBT, this new
release will hopefully be in good shape.  He will be slowing down some in
the "Happy New Year"!   gg/Phyllis
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 12/01/2018-12/31/2018
for builds

1.  Inter-View mode / Identifying Source Targets shows in the Resources
window preview are
     where the media is used or unused plus allows for seeing that portion
in the viewer and positioning
     along the timeline.  Usage is easy but not immediately obvious, so
refer to section 46 in Features.
2.  Cut and Paste behavior for moving, deleting, inserting, and grouping
edits with various options
     has been added.   And the selection process makes it possible to add
transitions to multiple edits.   In
     the same area Dragging changes and improvements have been made.  See
Section 47 in Features
     for details (or just middle mouse button on a track to see the
options).  Labels, autos, and keyframes
     will also be moved along in this new drag method but that feature has
not yet been incorporated in
     the old drag method.
3.  Color titles per media/proxy files is now an option with Autoselect
colors (Settings→Preferences,
     Appearance tab) or Self-color.  Refer to section 48 in Features Pdf
file to details.

*Super Testers* this month for the above 3 new features deserve special
thanks for testing, feedback, and patience to include *Andrea, IgorBeg,
Pierre, and Sam*.  It made development a lot easier.

4.  Because this is pervasive, a bugfix to Draw/ReDraw on the timeline is
emphasized here to make
     you aware that in spite of testing, there could still be an issue.
5.  Usability Improvements:
     View Thumbnail size, Vicon memory size, and Vicon color mode are now
settable in Preferences
     to allow for bigger or less pixelated thumbnails when previewing.
     Preview window zoom scale for vicons in the Resources window using the
middle mouse wheel.
     Video plugin expanders in Resources now has more categories and is
improved thanks to Andrea.
     Cut and Paste editing mode (I-beam) now allows for grouping and column
     Shortcuts for “Align cursor on edits” and “Save settings now” have
been added.
     New drag arrow so can see behind, for all themes except Bright, Blue
Dot, and Neophyte.
6.  Bugs/Issues fixed:
     Last month the following was mistakenly left out of the release notes
– for deleting icons in the
       Resources window, the shift-delete  control was replaced with
     Upgraded bccmdl.py to python3 – credit to Frank Dana of rpmfusion.
     Reworked vicon view popup in order to add more capability.
     The Proxy preview has had 2 bugs fixed that led to bad behavior in the
Resources window.
     A bug with listbox usage in the Titler plugin for font choice that
made it more difficult to choose has
        been fixed.  The fix affects all listbox but there should not be
any repercussions.
     Drag and Drop mode had the white box highlighting incorrectly
positioning; now fixed.
     Highlighting in the Resources window problem is now working correctly.
     Fix for vframe get_frame sporadic crashes when creating clips, or
using Sketcher/CriKey.
     Placement for Vicons preview has been slightly modified to work better.
     Proxy with multiple viewers switch under certain conditions had a
SEGV; now is fixed.
     Fixed crash occurring when removing from project while a preview of a
thumbnail was playing.
     A problem with Proxy that had audio, which does not have a index, has
been corrected.
     The drop position in Drag and Drop mode was incorrect in some cases.
This has been fixed.
     Package creation, etc, for rpmFusion (credit Frank Dana) has
recommended some improvements
        that make packaging more current mainstream.  This includes adding
noexecstack option on load,
        ensuring the executable bit is only set when necessary, and
updating the desktop cin icon.
     Updated COPYING file containing GPLv2+ GNU General Public License.
     Double delete in Titler was found and fixed.
     Default proxy ffmpeg/mp4 selection had an incorrect setup so switched
it to faster mpeg.
     Minor fixes in the Preferences sections for French language
translations that were corrupted.
     Fix for filebox apply button on resize has been applied.
     Phantom keyframes showing on the timeline are now gone.
     Some leftover references were corrected to point to cinelerra-gg.org.
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