[Cin] Hard edge and blade cut

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 18:34:31 CEST 2019

Andrea, keep on reading !!

Still reading the new manual, it is not clear to me what are the "hard
> edges" that are created with the "blade cuts". How do they differ from
> normal edge edits? What are “hard edge marker toggle" and how are they
> used?

When you position the insert marker on the timeline, and key in a single x,
that is a blade cut in the traditional sense and you see a green colored
triangle on each side of the cut at the bottom of the video.  These
triangles are the "hard edge marker toggle".  The blade cuts differ from
normal edge edits in that they do not get optimized back together.  So if
you "blade cut" out frames and later add them back to the exact same spot,
it will not be optimized so it will still look like there are several
edits.  There are probably some other nuances too, but I will have to ask
GG later to find out for sure.  He has been busy for the last 3 days on
seeing if he can get a patch submitted to Xorg for the long standing xft
font problem that he has had to carry a patch for Cinelerra.  About
optimization, here is a previous email quote that should go into the manual

"Cinelerra has built in optimization on the timeline.  So that whenever two
parts on the timeline are sequential frames, it automatically optimizes by
making them into 1 item (excuse me if I am not saying this quite right).
So if you are cutting, dragging, editing, or whatever and somehow frame #
40 ends up right next to frame # 41, it optimizes them together.  This
optimization is sprinkled all over the code."
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