[Cin] Hard edge and blade cut

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Mon Apr 8 19:59:19 CEST 2019

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Subject: Re: [Cin] Hard edge and blade cut
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"Cinelerra has built in optimization on the timeline.  So that
whenever two parts on the timeline are sequential frames, it
automatically optimizes by making them into 1 item (excuse me if I am
not saying this quite right).  So if you are cutting, dragging,
editing, or whatever and somehow frame # 40 ends up right next to
frame # 41, it optimizes them together.  This optimization is
sprinkled all over the code."

Some time ago, in some tests on Motion Tracking, I had put two
adjacent motion-hv plugins: at the end of the calculations they had
merged into a single plugin. Maybe this is an example of "build in

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