[Cin] Proxy error (optimal settings)

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Mon Apr 8 18:57:32 CEST 2019

Hi guys,

I recorded a sports event this weekend and created very large files. To 
be able to edit the video files I have to create proxy files. I use 
FFmepg m2ts format. Most of the files are created, but for the video 
files with a frame rate of 120 FPS the proxy creation is aborted with 
the error message.

check_frame_rate failed /home/sam/YI023601.proxy2-MP4.m2ts
failed=1 canceled=0
int ProxyRender::create_needed_proxies(int):
Error making proxy.

What is wrong with this frame rate? I try to find an optimal balance 
between a small proxy file and still relatively good image quality. 
IgorB had found an optimal setting, but unfortunately I can't find the 
correspondence anymore, because my old e-mails were deleted due to lack 
of space. I thought his suggestion was used as default for proxy 
creation, but I get suggested as default MP4, which in my opinion is not 
necessarily optimal for proxy files. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone 
have a hint for me to also handle video files with 120 FPS and higher.

Thanks in advance.



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