[Cin] How to use the Background Rendering?

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Apr 11 20:57:13 CEST 2019

You are welcome to link anything I post publicly in the forum without 
being asked. If you want to fill the forum with great content, you are 
very welcome. Even if you want to be the author of news or articles, 
please let me know. Everybody is welcome to write news or articles, as 
long as they are related to the topic of the video production and have 
been released for permanent use and free publication. We are a free 
community that lives from mutual help, so we welcome any commitment.


On 11.04.19 19:02, Andrea paz wrote:
> Thank you, Sam. Your video is so clear and informative that I would
> like to put it among the "How to" of the forum. I am exaggerated in
> these constant requests, but I believe that popularizing the Tutorials
> and How to forum can be effective in attracting random visitors. Even
> if it doesn't seem so for now...

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