[Cin] Proxy error (optimal settings)

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Fri Apr 12 22:28:47 CEST 2019

On 12.04.19 21:47, Phyllis Smith wrote:
>     For me is better don't touch it. It help to undestand if rendering
>     will have any problem.
> Y-GOR or E-GOR or I-GOR:
> OK, will not touch it.  I will change the manual to say what to look 
> at for check_frame_rate error.
>     2) "to convert" the fps inside Cinelerra-gg, like I have done with
>     your 61 fps video: in Resources->Media, select the video, RMB on
>     that video, choose "Info" option and change video's framerate.
> I did not know you can do this -- I kept changing via Set Format menu.
> BTW:  I could not get either the 61fps or the 119.88fps files to proxy 
> even with MOV.  Is that correct?

Right, with 61 FPS and 119.88 FPS it doesn't work either.
I just found out how it works. As soon as I right-click on a video file 
in the Media tab and then go to Info in the context menu and change the 
FPS from 119.88 to 120 FPS, the m2ts and mpeg proxy creation works.
By the way, the m2ts format creates extremely small files with high 
image quality. I could reduce a 1 GB file to 50 MB with scale 1/2. This 
format is optimal for Proxy.
I only have the problem that I have to manually change the many 119.88 
FPS files to 120 FPS. It will take me some time. Now that I think about 
it, an overwrite function would be very useful. Maybe it would be a 
solution for the future to select multiple files in the media tab, and 
change the FPS for them, otherwise you always have to adjust every 
single file of many.

>     In a old post/thread/issue (I don't remember) I had written that
>     would be useful to have in Media, near the name of the video/audio
>     some fields with the informations: fps, size, (codec?). It would
>     be useful because you could see the info without open another
>     window (Info window) for every file. I understand that it is not
>     easy to implement that feature.
> I do not think this would be difficult to do in the code BUT to add 
> this to the comment field, you have to actually open the file to 
> obtain that information.  Which means that when you load a lot of 
> files, it is going to slow down.

By the way, in Resolve and PP the FPS for each file is always displayed. 
I would appreciate it if Cin could also display it, even if this reduces 
the loading time.

>     GG/Phyllis: "Eagle Eyes Igor"
>     My sister call me Ygor. Take a look at
>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxxSIX3fmmo
>     Great movie (...and No Comment, please). =)
> Had to laugh at this video.  Gene Wilder was in some funny movies -- I 
> liked Blazing Saddles best!
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