[Cin] New native Tracer plugin checked into GIT

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Apr 25 13:56:10 CEST 2019

On 25.04.19 11:17, Andrea paz wrote:
> Nice new plugin; thank you. GG is a great coder.

I agree, great work again!

> If I understand correctly it is like the normal mask tool but that
> traces the contours as the "magic wand" of GIMP. So we're talking
> selection masks, not "matte"; right?
> It's not very clear to me how the "Scale" works.

Scale influences the softness of the edge. The more Scale is set, the 
softer the edge becomes. It's like the "Feder" in the mask tool.

> I have to request some additions (if feasible, of course):
> - The first time you click on RMB, could you replace the default point
> already present? This way, I should not delete it manually each time
> or move it with LMB to the desired position. Obviously it should only
> work for the first click, so I don't know if it's possible to do it.

I absolutely agree, that's what I thought.

> - Could more outlines be added? Like the sketcher plugin that has an
> upper section where to create new curves (outline[?]) and a lower
> section where to create the points of these curves (ie the section
> already present in Tracer).

Good idea.

> - Could you move the entire mask with ALT + DRAG or something like that?

This thought also came to my mind.

One of the most important features of all these tools is the rotation. 
Such a tool is only really useful if I can rotate the new mask from 
keyframe to keyframe. At the moment, I'd have to manually zoom in or out 
on each handle if the perspective changed.

- In picture 01 https://ibb.co/5LcbL2Y  I show how it could be solved. 
This is an additional handle when I have created three points. With 
three points I can create an object area.
- Picture 02 https://ibb.co/VtTvpdg shows how I can change the handle. I 
can also change the rotation point.
- Picture 03 https://ibb.co/6YdSftL shows an additional green handle. I 
can pull it or push it in. When I drag, I increase the total area and 
when I press, I decrease the area.
- Picture 04 https://ibb.co/19gtzyG  shows the changed surface of the 
tracer plugin.

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