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Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Apr 25 14:06:58 CEST 2019

On 25.04.19 05:47, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Spurred on by the discussion and with additional information supplied 
> by Sam, mods have been by GG and checked into GIT that take further 
> advantage of the GPU capabilities of modern graphics boards and more 
> recent device drivers for those boards.
> This is *very preliminary* at this point.  We have tested with Nvidia, 
> Radeon, and Broadwell graphics board on AMD and Intel computers and 
> ran at least 30 tests.  In these tests, if you run "top" from another 
> window, we could see the CPU usage with this API go down by 2 to 10 
> times lower,
> How to use IF you have the appropriate graphics board and the proper 
> libraries installed:
> 1) You need to have libva-dev installed on Intel processors;
> 2) or you need to have libvdpau-dev installed on AMD processors.
> 3) Verify Settings->Preferences, Playback, Video Driver is set to X11 
> (NOT X11-OpenGL).
> 4) Before starting CinelerraGG, set an environment variable -- because 
> this is so new and we do not have the capability of testing across all 
> hardware and all operating system distros, we used an environment 
> variable in order to make it easily reversible by the user.  To run in 
> the installed directory:
> CIN_HW_DEV=vaapi ./cin   (for Intel)
> Or CIN_HW_DEV=vdpau ./cin

Dreams still come true. Thank you very much for this improvement.

I tested it the same way, but I get the error message.

Decoder h264 does not support device type vaapi.
HW device init failed, using SW decode.
  err: Success

Under OpenSuse I installed the following package.
zypper install libva-devel-2.4.0-lp150.114.1.x86_64.rpm

In the Cin settings I have set it to X11. However, I have installed the 
proprietary drivers, do I need to change this?

Thanks again for this implementation.


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