[Cin] New native Tracer plugin checked into GIT

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Apr 25 14:52:26 CEST 2019

On 25.04.19 14:24, Andrea paz wrote:
>> One of the most important features of all these tools is the rotation.
>> Such a tool is only really useful if I can rotate the new mask from
>> keyframe to keyframe. At the moment, I'd have to manually zoom in or out
>> on each handle if the perspective changed.
> I got the idea (probably wrong, given my incompetence) that to make
> rotations or other changes on the mask, the compositing engine of
> Cinelerra is not suitable. A completely new compositing engine would
> be needed to create matte on separate and independent alpha channels.
> That's why in an old email I asked if it was possible to integrate
> OpenFX, which would allow you to use a real rotoscoping tool, with all
> the features required by you and me in the ticket 02 of MantisBT. But
> I don't think it's possible: at least it means building a new
> compositing engine or completely changing what's already there.

You're right about that. The engine is somewhat limited. The rotation of 
objects in Cinelerra turns out to be difficult. Maybe OpenFX would be a 
help, but the OpenFX project seems to have fallen asleep. I haven't seen 
anything new in this project for some time. Maybe I'm wrong.

I'm more disturbed by the limitation of the graphical means at 
Cinelerra. Guicast from Cinelerra is extremely outdated. But I can also 
understand that GG is waiting for more developers. As far as I have 
noticed, GG doesn't like to work on the graphical interface so much. I 
can absolutely understand it, everyone has his particular strengths and 
preferences. Kdenlive, for example, looks much better from the surface 
(the video and vector scopes lokk great), but is by far not as far 
advanced as Cinelerra. Nevertheless, they have a larger fan base because 
it is more modern and easier to use.

I would only hope that a few more developers would get in touch and 
revise the user interface, i.e. bring Guicast up to date or 
alternatively switch to a more modern framework.

At least the number of features increases from month to month at 
Cinelerra, which is really great. :)


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