[Cin] Cinelerra & GPU

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 16:40:07 CEST 2019


 What I need to use to test: vaapi o vdpau? I think vdpau for
> Results for playback of a h264 movie:
> With CIN_HW_DEV=vaapi ./cin --> CPU 60%
> with CIN_HW_DEV=vdpau ./cin --> CPU 11%
> without vdpau or vaapi      --> CPU 60%.
> Apparently, from the above statistics, you should use "vdpau"!!! I will
see if GG can gain anything from the attached dump in the next email.
*Everyone: *and thanks for testing!

This mod is going to react differently depending on the hardware used and
the number of files loaded.  For example,
- if you have an epyc Amd chip with 128 CPUs and load 150 files, without
vaapi/vdpau may be better.
- if you load only a couple of files the GPU vaapi/vdpau should be faster
depending on your graphics board and how capable it is.
- if you load 10 MIXERS, it always seems to work a lot better playing them
on our computers.
- if you have 4 cores or less, but a really good "gaming card", using
vaapi/vdpau should be a big help.

It might be more difficult to analyze problems as a result because of the
wide variation in hardware but everything should still work the same
without the CIN_HW_CIN environment variable as it is isolated.  We see
mixed preliminary results so far.  gg/Phyllis
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