[Cin] Cinelerra & GPU

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 15:53:39 CEST 2019


I tested it the same way, but I get the error message.
> Decoder h264 does not support device type vaapi.
> HW device init failed, using SW decode.
> file:/home/spc/cin-test/aerial-shot-of-las-vegas-sprawl-daytime_w18wevlbr__D.mp4
>  err: Success
> I "sort of" forgot to mention an important part -- when ffmpeg can not use
vaapi to decode a specific file, it backs down to using the software
instead which is what the above message indicates.  So I think it is really
working for you -- check CPU % usage with "top" with and without CIN_HW_DEV
to see the difference.  Also, try it with MIXERS and you should see an
obvious speedup.

For example, awhile back you provided us a test case of 150 clips
(cin_media) and a few of these could not be loaded by ffmpeg using the GPU
(in this case 5 out of 150) and it will use "SW decode" (software
instead).  So you will see from the 150, the following:

Failed to get HW surface format.
HW device init failed, using SW decode.
  err: Success

GG did test this successfully on Leap but of course with different
hardware.   gg/phyllis
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