[Cin] MantisBT

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sat Aug 17 14:20:53 CEST 2019

The bug tracker was excluded from the cache in Cloudflare. The only 
thing that can happen is that your session expired while you were still 
writing your reply. This has also happened to me once or twice. As soon 
as you send the reply, you will receive confirmation that it has been 
saved. If you don't get this confirmation, then the reply wasn't saved 

There is no additional reply from you in the database for this ticket. 
I'm sorry, but you have to write this reply again.

What I can also recommend is to disable "Auto Cookie Cleaner" on the bug 
tracker if one is active. Script blockers can also cause such errors. 
Sometimes the Apache server hangs for a few seconds, if there is too 
much load on it, such a problem can happen.


On 17.08.19 08:21, Andrea paz wrote:
> I think there is still a synchronization problem: I wrote a reply to
> issue #279 two days ago and it hasn't appeared yet.

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