[Cin] Latest GIT checkin includes FFmpeg upgrade + Masking

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 00:44:14 CEST 2019

В сообщении от Wednesday 28 August 2019 01:23:01 Phyllis Smith написал(а):
> Andrew,
> Hm, strange - both in cinelerra-goodguy-20190808 and
> > cinelerra-goodguy-20190827 I can't see Mask's work, if I just add
> > pre-defined shape and play with 'fade' shader. (tried various values
> > between -100 and 100)
> > I tried to add effect (color invesion, brightness ..) but they apply to
> > full track anyway.... Setting track's mixing mode at bay also changes
> > nothing
> >
> > I also tried X11 and X11-OpenGL output, and 'disable OpenGL' checkbox in
> > mask control window... Project settings were defaults
> > (as  after loading single video file), but changing project's ColorFormat
> > from RGBA to RGBA-float, or YUVA changed nothing ...
> >
> None of the above is explainable.  We do not know how to diagnose the
> problems you see.  Not to be insulting, but did you add an empty video
> track below the main video track and add the Gradient plugin to that
> track?  That makes it so you can see the mask area.  So if you look at the
> following demo, can you point out where your masking might be going wrong?
> https://streamable.com/yujpu

Yes, now it works (I was trying to just duplicate current video track to second one, not adding empty one with Gradient plugin)


> >
> > It seems online manual a bit outdated in this regard (masking), and giant
> > issue about Masking improvements on bugtracker also disappeared?
> >
> Yes, the current manual Masking is totally wrong and Andrea has
> incorporated the new stuff into the Latex version which is not yet
> available.  The below has the new Masking documentation temporarily:
>    https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/download/Mask_changes.pdf

Thanks, it is!

> The Bugtracker is still there as issue #2, but it is Closed so that is why
> you might not see it. You probably have "Hide Status" set to "Closed".  But
> at the top right hand corner of the Bugtracker, you can type in the number
> "2" for the issue to see it all.

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