[Cin] Help with performance problems

Daniel Kinzelman dankinzelman at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 15:11:55 CET 2019

Hi there,

I am running AVLinux on an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 0 @ 2.90GHz.  This
is an 8-core CPU with hyperthreading.  The system has 32GB of RAM.

I am getting what I consider to be very slow render times and wanted to
know if something is set up wrong.

As a test, I imported a 1080p video from my camera, looped it several times
and rendered it with no effects or compositing.  For a 4 minute video it
took about 12 minutes to render as an .mp4.

CPU usage never went above 23% and memory usage never went above 19%.

Here is a screenshot showing input file characteristics, project format,
the video render options, and performance settings for Cinelerra.

[image: Screenshot_2019-12-07_15-06-33.jpg]

When I ingest files from the camera in my normal workflow, I immediately
convert them into a lower bitrate because the camera sensor quality has no
need of 25mbps video directly with FFMpeg.  It usually does much better
than real time.  I'm wondering what causes Cinelerra renders to be so slow,
and whether there are any settings I can modify to improve rendering

Side-note: Even opening 12 1080p video streams at once on Cinelerra doesn't
occupy much RAM on my computer, although performance becomes very poor.  Is
there a way to understand why Cinelerra doesn't use more RAM?


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