[Cin] Cinelerra 7.2 (Cinelerra-HV)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 00:38:54 CET 2019

All of the 7.2 HV mods that are usable and made good sense have now been
checked into today's GIT.  This includes:

  New Foreground plugin providing user's choice of color using the color
picker.  Converted from 7.2 Background plugin.
  Align edits ported for a better methodology.
  Refresh frame tweak.
  Sound Level audio plugin reworked.

Other mods in 7.2 were not applicable any more as other methods were
already implemented.  Most notable were "pulse audio" which was working
poorly and is already a part of Alsa.  Adding subtitles to the Titler is in
the BT feature request in an altogether manner so it does not make sense to
port a less full implementation until it can be done properly.

Other mods in today's GIT are:
  New simple Alpha plugin.
  Changed ColorPicker from a widget to a gadget - should be no impact but
this was needed for the Foreground plugin.
  Miscellaneous cleanup and bug fixes.  The only one you might notice is
"Load Files, Apply" button when there was a selection, was not working

Will CinGG merge any (or all?) the new features?
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