[Cin] Cinelerra 7.2 (Cinelerra-HV)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 18:36:13 CET 2019

In the latest GIT checkin, more of the 7.2 mods have been modified and
Also, other changes in.  All are listed below in 1, 2, 3.

*1. *More of the HV 7.2 modifications have been incorporated to include:

- Compressor Multi for multibands plugin has been added.

- Compressor plugin had major modifications along with more pot dial
options, VU meters, and

a graphic display.

- Reverb plugin also has a large amount of changes to include addition of
levels/graphic/pots and a

full band pass filter.

(The previous 3 plugins are amenable to theme related refinements.)

- A dashed center line is now displayed on the Audio timeline when in
non-rectify mode.

*2.* Init Glyphs finally fixed! This affects large computers when in highly
threaded mode and many,

many cpus. For example, a computer with 2 Epyc chips running Cinelerra-GG.
You would see a

specific character like the ascii character “b” displayed, usually as “||”
instead, when running for

every occurrence of the letter “b” until Cinelerra restarted. And on the
restart possibly a different

character would be incorrectly displayed. Problem originates outside of
Cinelerra but a “fix” is now

included here and will become more important in the future as users upgrade
to more cpu-s.

LOCALE changes for other languages will be necessary to include characters
not in english.

*3. *In the Render menu, the filename will automatically have the “.mov”
extension added instead of

“.pro” when pro is chosen for the ffmpeg format since it is expected for
Quicktime type files.  (BT #348.)
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