[Cin] Request: Sketcher plugin and Antialiasing

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Dec 25 10:19:52 CET 2019

Wow! I have seen the demo. Very good.
I would change the Off, On, Dbl labels to Off, AA, AA+
AA means AntiAliasing.
Or, like in other pull down menu:
<strike>AA</strike> (with a strike line on it)

And, if possible, an hint when you are over it (Antialiasing).

I would like to test it, and the new nesting feature, on a 
Ubuntu16.04-LiveDVD next days.
If you can make a build for me, I thank you.
(waiting for another, used, Notebook, I will test on an old Desktop PC)


Il 25/12/2019 5.10, Phyllis Smith ha scritto:
> Anti-aliasing has been added to the Sketcher in the latest GIT 
> checkin.  A rough demo is at:
> https://streamable.com/ikncr
> If anyone wants a static build to test, just let us know which distro 
> and version.  It is no trouble to create a build and testing would be 
> appreciated.  Soon there will be a Debian 9 and 10 static tar at: 
> https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/testing
>     I agree and possibly would also like to implement presets of
>     shapes,rotations and scaling (as in the mask tool).
> Rotating and Scaling will be worked on (but not tomorrow on Christmas 
> day). An attempt to add presets of shapes ended as a complete disaster 
> as an attempt to port Mask presets was a totally different design.  
> Decision was made to not add shapes because to make a 
> square/rectangle/triangle and even a circle is trivial with just 3, 4, 
> or 5 points (for a circle you just make a box using Line and then 
> switch to Curve) while the programming time would be days.
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