[Cin] Clips/Nested clips/Xml - new feature - best thing since sliced bread!

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 19:24:19 CET 2019

Fixes for the below have been used to build new static tars for Debian 9/10
and Mint 18 at:


The fixes have not yet been checked into GIT for others to build.  Just a
reminder, although tested here as much as possible, there could still be
new and old bugs lurking so use caution.  Other reminder of demo location:

Just know that the *naming is solved now or for details*, read the list of
changes and other things below:

1 - When nesting clips en masse, the timestamp is added followed by the
name so that they are unique.  The name in the case of an .xml file is
without the directory paths.
2 - Truncation of the names should no longer be an issue.
3 - in the Media and Clip folder, there are now "Close EDL" options.  This
was added because if someone was just trying to figure out what "Open EDL"
meant without having read any documentation, they would never guess to
click on the # in the upper right corner of the timeline, and would think
that they lost there original session.  In addition in the case of where
you have opened a EDL, and you no longer see that clip in the folder, the
right mouse button where no media is highlighted will also display the
Close EDL option.
4 - If you have nested an .xml file in the Clip folder so that now it is in
the Media folder, when you unnest it via "EDL to Clip", it will now have a
name of the next available Clip # but the comment contains the previous
name so you can tell where it came from.
5 - If naming is confusing to you, you can easily change the name for these
clips in either the Clip or Media folder because they are not real files at
this point.  To do so, highlight the clip name in Resources, click on Info
and type in new name.
6 - Because it may be confusing and usually unnecessary, a previously
unmentioned addition in all of this is "backup" updates.  Automatically
Cinelerra saves a backup when certain changes are made or you can always
use the shortcut "b" to do one yourself, although keep in mind it will be
overwritten whenever Cinelerra wants to do another backup.  Now there is a
shortcut for the shortcut "b" -- your fingers never have to even leave the
mouse -- just click on the #.  If # is at 0, it backs up to backup.xml, if
at 1, it backs up to backup1.xml and so on ... up to backup9.xml.

On Wed, Dec 25, 2019 at 8:34 PM Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>

> A GIT checkin was done about an hour ago to address some of the issues and
> some clean up.  It works OK on fast computers but when GG created a Debian
> 9 build that was done on a slower computer there was a problem that he has
> to fix tomorrow.  Workaround if testing Edit Edl-s "Nest to Media" is to
> not be using Vicons in the Resources window -- just use the text option
> instead.
> Bugs fixed will be described tomorrow when slower computer Vicons are
> working.
>> One bug I've found: if the path to the imported EDL is long, it gets
>> truncated.  It would be nice to have th option of giving our own names to
>> the nested EDLs, or if they would assume the name of the origin file (maybe
>> they already do, but it's being truncated in my case).
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