[Cin] Clips/Nested clips/Xml - new feature - best thing since sliced bread!

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sat Dec 28 15:19:38 CET 2019

The problem is that professional NLEs have been using this feature for a 
long time, but Cinelerra has not. All detours to simulate multiple 
timelines are only detours and no real solutions.
"Nested Clips" and "Edit EDL" are not multiple timelines. Nested Clips 
and Edit EDL functions can be used to program the desired timeline feature.

OpenTimeline could be used as a basis for this. We want to be an 
alternative to the commercial NLEs (Windows replacement), but Cinelerra 
would need to be able to handle a relatively simple feature like 
timelines. Users of the commercial NLEs know this feature very well and 
all previous methods on Cinelerra are not multiple timelines. For this 
reason, I work almost exclusively with DV Resolve, because I have this 
feature there. However, I'm not a friend of non-open source software, 
but unfortunately I have no choice but to work with it.

The timeline feature is not a big magic work, the basics were already 
done by GG with the new EDL features. The EDL & Nested Clips feature 
would only need to be extended by a few additional functions.


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