[Cin] Clips/Nested clips/Xml - new feature - best thing since sliced bread!

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 17:29:14 CET 2019

After having read all of the followup, "Open Timeline" seems to be almost a
necessary feature and so gg will be presented with a summary of the need
and suggestions after the first of the new year.  It is better to wait
until he finishes BT #346 which turned out to be a big problem with vdpau
(so thanks, Pierre, for diligently figuring out what the real problem was!)
and the Slackware build problem (Andrew email) which needs to be fixed
before the end of the month builds.

> One of the greatest strengths of commercial NLEs is the ability to work
> with multiple timelines.
Why work with multiple timelines?
The more information as to "why" helps to understand the need so all of the
feedback is appreciated here.

> Basically this feature is an extension of the EDL feature.
Hopefully this turns out to be true, but some times unexpectedly, it turns
out differently.

> I created the photomontage very fast and therefore they have a lot of
> potential for improvement. The final solution can of course look completely
> different, the pictures only serve to illustrate my idea.
Any and all pictures really help a lot to figure out what to implement and
how it should look - "the more, the merrier".

After discussing with gg, will see if "Open Timeline" is feasible.
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