[Cin] New feature. Is it real?

preobraz at gmail.com preobraz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 20:19:06 CET 2019

28.12.2019 17:47, Pierre autourduglobe wrote:
> Initially I was against the idea,
> Because I only imagined it to be permanent and automatically create a 
> tab for each media present in the sources. With a project with 150 
> sources, the suite of tabs would only be an unusable nuisance...
> But if the tabs were optional and could be created individually from the 
> context menu of each source. Then, it could be useful to create one or a 
> few tabs, for the basic sources; those in which one draws most 
> frequently, but without each time having to find them in the long list 
> of sources.
> In this context of use, I believe that a new tabs function could be 
> useful for the viewer.

So far, I see that this question closely intersects with the need to 
catalog media in the resource window. What is the best way to do this? 
Sort by folders?


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