[Cin] Slackware-14.2 x64 package wrongly packaged?

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 01:47:12 CET 2019

Andrew, just to let you know that we "think" we have an updated Slackware
build machine ready for the December 31 builds.

> I use slapt-get [1] for upgrades ....
> [1] - https://software.jaos.org/
> Yes, gg was using slapt -u and slapt --upgrade.  First try, he did an
upgrade on the Slackware build used for the November 30th builds BUT ended
up with the kernel version 4.14.47 dated May 2018 and "modules" dated May
30, 2018.  This seemed to be wrong already since neither the kernel or
modules had changed.  Then when he ran "startx", the graphics card lost its
configuration -- the keyboard interface died but the kernel continued for a
little longer but then died too.  So it was dead.  Next he started from
scratch with an install of Slackware from the original CD ISO of the
current 14.2 release of June 2016 and then did an upgrade.  This seemed to
work correctly.  We will see what happens in the Cinelerra build on
December 31.

In the past he has been able to install Slackware from the CD and upgrade 2
times and then not a third or ever again.  Starting a fresh install every
2-3 months is too time-consuming as it takes a whole day.  We will see if
this latest upgrade fixes some unknown problem preventing multiple upgrades.

Yeah, strange bug, I looked into slackbuild provided in blds dir, it looks
> sane ...
Thanks for checking -- it is good to have someone look that is much more
knowledgable in Slackware.  gg/phyllis
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