[Cin] Request: Sketcher plugin and Antialiasing

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Dec 30 14:27:51 CET 2019

Thanks Phyllis/GG for the Ub16_20191230 build. Unfortunately it is too 
late to test better for the mounth release, in my case.
Like Andrea quick test, here on UbuntuStudio_16.04 on a temporary Computer.
- Sketcher plugin:
Phyllis wrote: "GG added Anti-Alias as a tooltip"
For me would be better Antialiasing or AntiAlising or Anti-Aliasing. 
Alias means another thing, like different names for the same person.
Off-On-Dbl option. Do you means Double for Dbl? Maybe, they would sound 
user friendly Off-Normal-Fine.
Antialisiasing works very well. Thanks
I saw the Wheel function for rotate. Very good, Thanks.

Andrea_paz wrote: "it seems to me that the automatic keyframes don't 
work and the tooltip Anti-Alias doesn't work."
In UbuntuStudio16.04 it works right. Tooltip is showed when the mouse 
pointer is over, and the keyframes work when the "automatic keyframes" 
icon is enabled in Program window.

- Color Picker:
Default button is missed.
I don't remember where and who but somebody have reported that issue.

Next days, and then next new year, I will try the new Nested and 
Open_EDL feature.
Thank you so much for your work.


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