[Cin] Request: Sketcher plugin and Antialiasing

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 16:38:22 CET 2019

*Need HELP on this:*

>  - Color Picker:
> Default button is missed.
> I don't remember where and who but somebody have reported that issue.

Yes, preobraz/ugin reported this BUT we are confused and do not see the
problem.  Can anyone show how it used to work versus how it now works

Phyllis wrote: "GG added Anti-Alias as a tooltip"
> For me would be better Antialiasing or AntiAlising or Anti-Aliasing.
OK, will use Anti-Aliasing.

> Off-On-Dbl option. Do you means Double for Dbl? Maybe, they would sound
> user friendly Off-Normal-Fine.
Yes, Dbl means Double.  The reason it is Double and not Fine is because it
is a Double line -- some people will not like that even though it looks
better to me, instead of 1 pixel width, it is 2.

> Andrea_paz wrote: "it seems to me that the automatic keyframes don't
> work and the tooltip Anti-Alias doesn't work."
Andrea: Will look at automatic keyframes.  The tooltip was not checked into
GIT since it was a 1 line change so since you do your own builds, that is
why you did not see it, but IgorB did.

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