[Cin] Ripple, Rolling, Slip tools in the new version

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Feb 2 22:19:29 CET 2019

I understand you but, as you know, Slip and Slide tools act on 
non-adjacent frames. I spoke only for that two tools, of course.
Slip tool changes the In and Out point of the middleClip 
Slide tool changes the OutPoint of the leftClip and the InPoint of the 
rightClip (leftClip-middleClip-rightClip).
Then, your/our focus should be in the frames that were changing, I think 
(and if possible to implement that).

Others NLE split the Compositor to four views: two "great" views face to 
face (like now in Cinelerra-GG), more two little views above the two 
greater views. The two greater views show the frames that change, the 
two little views show the frames that doesn't change.


Il 02/02/2019 15.42, Pierre autourduglobe ha scritto:
> As for the Slip tool and the dual display of the clips of the cut in 
> the composer, I believe that it is necessary to maintain a constant 
> behavior between the different modes; the dual display shows each side 
> of a cut. To change the display as you propose in this case, I think 
> it should be an applicable option by pressing the "option" button.
> Pierre
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