[Cin] AV1 codec and WebP are now part of GIT checkin today +

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 22:32:35 CET 2019

You can now decode *AV1* and encode AV1 in Cin-gg if you build from the GIT
repository.  Obviously it takes advantage of the ffmpeg 4.1 capability.
Sam had announced the release of AV1 codec in the News section December 14
at cinelerra-gg.org.  The encode opts file for rendering is under
ffmpeg/webm as av1.webm.  Most important to know is that it is very
slooooooooooooooow.  A 90 second video with 2 audio channels took 1 hour
and 23 minutes to render BUT the resulting file is impressively small.  It
seemed to use only 1 - 3 threads (this is known and will be improved in the

WebP is now also available for encoding/decoding.  *WebP is an image
format.*  MatN had asked about this in the wiki MantisBT issue #97.  The
ffmpeg opts file is of type webp.

OpenJpeg2 is another new format and is the selection jp2.

The following libraries have been upgraded to include: *x265 to 3.0* (as
Terje notified), fftw,opus,ogg,vorbis,tiff, and openjpeg.
Non-ffmpeg ogg/vorbis were removed as there were several errors in them.
Use ffmpeg instead as that version is maintained well.
Issue #123 shuttle fixes are in.
Some cleanup has been done to include; ydiff ffmpeg tweak, Makefile clean
tweak, delete old CHANGELOGS, update downloads.txt, and comments changed in
some ffmpeg opts files.   gg/Phyllis
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