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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 19:35:22 CET 2019

Your video is very illustrative.  I know nothing about GOP except that when
working on bluray media, it was necessary to include gop in the opts files.

I attach a video: the first part is made with an mpeg proxy (I have
> not seen its GOP), then there are examples without proxy with X11 and
> with X11.opengl. The file consists of screen capture with vokoscreen
> and gave rise to mp4 files with GOP but at 250. With proxy I am fixed
> at 30 fps, in the other cases we speak of very low fps.

I made a *background rendering video *but what I am trying to show is
explained below url:

What I am attempting to demonstrate in the video is when you playback and
get to a transition slow point, the framerate achieved is only 20 instead
of the expected 30.  However, if you use background rendering, then it will
stay at 30 framerate because it only has to re-rendering during playback
the frames that have been changed.

When you do background rendering, what it does is render each frame
individually so you will end up with potentially hundreds of single files
in /tmp called brender0001, brender0002, ....  Since these are usually JPEG
files, you can view them too and swap one out (I think but never tried

Page 21 of the old cinelerra manual discusses this too.
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