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Tue Feb 12 21:35:50 CET 2019

Hello all
Raw video from machine visions can be handled like that
ffmpeg -threads 4 -f rawvideo -pixel_format bgr24 -r 16 -video_size
2332x1752 -i reel02_dec -pix_fmt rgb24 -vcodec qtrle -r 16
another example for 48 bits
ffmpeg -threads 4 -f rawvideo -pixel_format bgr48 -video_size 2332x1404
-i Reel3976_dec -pix_fmt rgb48 whatever_codec_one_wants_to_use
I believe trying to incorporate it into Cinelerra is a bit pointless,
if anything an export in TIFF files proves to work faster and Cinelerra
is already equipped for that.
Depending on the machine bgr24/48 may need to be rgb24/48. I use either
of them depending on the camera I use
Only if my assumption of the rawvideo concept is what we are talking
about here !CheersEd

On Tue, 2019-02-12 at 12:53 -0700, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> This morning GG had time to look at this.  (BTW, he is not much for
> reading or writing email so I have to let him know and then type in
> his response, so sometimes I do not get it all conveyed correctly). 
> When I initially read only a few of the 86 pages, I searched for some
> download MLV examples and downloaded a couple from one place and then
> 1 from where Andrew mentioned.  Apparently ffmpeg can load them into
> cinelerra and the Video compression in Info is rawvideo, but of
> course they look awful as is (maybe a proper LUT would solve this?).
> We also checked to see if "dcraw" of Dave Coffin handles this raw
> format as that is his area of expertise and saw no reference on his
> web site concerning Magic Lantern.  But we still tried using
> Cinelerra's probe order in Settings to see whether his included
> program handled it.  It did not.
> Bottom line is that if there is ever a user who really needs to be
> able to handle MLV files in cinelerra, gg could see about doing that
> and will keep this in mind.   gg/Phyllis
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