[Cin] Ripple, Rolling, Slip tools in the new version

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 17:06:33 CET 2019

When I test the old December and the new February for *Ripple*, I still see
the same exact results but I struggle with testing these.  I will continue
to test today until I get better at understanding your examples (or my
"Peter Falk, Columbo, Italian" fingers get tired).

As for *Slip*, the results are the same *except *you have to switch your
brain as the left and right are the opposite of the December method -- that
is because the code is attempting to use consistent code for all.

Will provide an update later to see if there is some bug that gg is
missing, but he believes that the current methodology is the best
compromise.  We would not be happy if you have to continue to use
December's release because we appreciate your testing.  gg/Phyllis

On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 8:48 AM Igor BEGHETTO <igorbeg at visi1.org> wrote:

> Thanks Pierre for your feedback.
> I just tried Ripple tool on another machine of mine with
> LinuxMint-18.1-Mate "Serena" and "Cin built Feb 17 2019 14:48:11" and it
> works exactly as shown in my screencasts added in my previous message.
> Screencast: https://streamable.com/vdqj1
> As I always said, when I drag to right (left arrow showed) the tool should
> trim from InPoint to the cursor position (where it is). More, Autos not
> follow edits, if you may attention at the screencast. Thanks.
> Until Cin-20181231 version it was Okay for me (and even others NLE works
> so).
> IgorBeg
> Il 18/02/2019 15.33, Pierre autourduglobe ha scritto:
> Here, under the last Cinelerra Infinity - built: Feb 17 2019 14:48:11
> The Ripple, whether it is executed with the
> Button-1 or Button-1 + Shift or Button-1 + Ctrl + Alt + ,
> produces exactly the same result in terms of modifying the beginning of a
> timeline clip.
> Pierre
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