[Cin] Ripple, Rolling, Slip tools in the new version

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Feb 20 12:25:50 CET 2019

*Ripple tool:*
> Phyllis: "So if I have 3 edits with 2 labels and an effect in the 
> middle edit, using the left drag handle on the left side of that 
> middle edit, and when I drag either right or left, the labels and 
> effect do not correctly move (with Edit labels checked in Settings, of 
> course)."
Phyllis, You are right. (The labels and effect do not correctly move: 
also Keyframes and Autos).

> Phyllis: "The right drag handle works OK for me."
Yes, that's true.
I confirm everything you wrote.

*Slip tool:
*(With my brain switched) ;-P
Only when I drag left, the keyframes don't follows edits.
I added a screencast for the Feb 17 2019 release. I haven't tried the 
Dec 12 2018, sorry.

Thanks for all your time.
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