[Cin] Batch render window usage lead to BOOBY

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 11:44:11 CET 2019


I was trying to get batch rendering working, loaded two tracks, overlayed them 
with 50% fade for top tarck, added color3way plugin for top track 
too ..then 'save project as ..' saved it. Next in Batch render window loaded 
current EDL as active, set output and such... created batch job. Started it, 
just for seeing if it will progress. It started to work. I stopped it. And 
after closing Batch render window tried to exit Cin. result:

Cinelerra Infinity - built: Feb 18 2019 13:02:04
(c) 2006-2018 Heroine Virtual Ltd. by Adam Williams
(c) 2007-2018 cin5 derivative by W.P. Morrow aka goodguy
Cinelerra is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License,
and you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under
certain conditions. There is absolutely no warranty for Cinelerra.

int MWindow::load_filenames(ArrayList<char*>*, int, int):
XML-файл /home/guest/Nokia/two_tracks_1280_720_proj_fade_50_color3way.xml
 был создан не в Cinelerra.
Mutex::unlock not locked: XMLBuffer::share_lock
cin(_Z5boobyv+0x2f) [0x871f1bf]
cin(_ZN5Mutex6unlockEv+0xe8) [0x8735e08]
cin(_ZN7FileXMLD2Ev+0x66) [0x8432836]
cin(_ZN17BatchRenderThread14test_edl_filesEv+0x48d) [0x838db9d]
cin(_ZN17BatchRenderThread15start_renderingEv+0x72) [0x838dfd2]
cin(_ZN16BatchRenderStart12handle_eventEv+0x17) [0x838e117]
cin(_ZN9BC_Button20button_release_eventEv+0x67) [0x86ded17]
cin(_ZN13BC_WindowBase23dispatch_button_releaseEv+0x33) [0x8723e13]
cin(_ZN13BC_WindowBase14dispatch_eventEP7_XEvent+0x4c6) [0x872ba96]
cin(_ZN13BC_WindowBase10run_windowEv+0x9e) [0x872c74e]
cin(_ZN15BC_DialogThread3runEv+0x42) [0x86e23f2]
cin(_ZN6Thread10entrypointEPv+0x3f) [0x873b88f]
/lib/libpthread.so.0(+0x66f2) [0xf77d66f2]
/lib/libc.so.6(clone+0x6e) [0xf730a1ee]
Render::render_single: Session finished.
Session time: 0:05:11
Cpu time: user: 0:01:40.256 sys: 0:00:10.688
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