[Cin] Cinx - 10-bit h264 and/or h265

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 18:02:30 CET 2019

> Is Cinelerra10bit (Cinx) based on 10-bit x264 or 10-bit x265?
It is based on x265 BUT there is a enable flag in the build scripts for
anyone doing there own build to use x264 instead.
The confusion and uncorrected manual resulted in falsely believing that the
maintainers of x264 included the possibility of having both 8/10 bit
working without having to make a special compile.  We were fooled for a
month or so and I had updated the manual and did not correct it

GG is doing a Leap15 cinx experiment right now so I can get the wording
correct in the manual since we have not re-tested it in quite some time.
And I will try to be consistent in the terminology as you suggested too.

A single, updated manual for "Cinelerra-GG Infinity" sounds to be to the
> 'right time', and yes, I will report typos/faults/RFEs on areas I see the
> demand for more detailed explanations or procedures.
> In general a 'single manual' needs to fill the demand for a combined
> "Users Guide" beside a "Reference or Feature Guide", maybe also as a online
> html and pdf print. And especially the new "gui ease of use" with the new
> "Cinfinity plugins icon set" compared with the original default icons or KB
> shortcuts as a reference.
 Issue #77 in MantisBT is planned to be used to get reviewers help on the

Maybe this is a possibility to create a more integrated Help-system for
> Cinelerra-GG Infinity?
> I.e a "Help" menu with
> - link to the online manual
> - context sensitive Help?
> - the "About" button
Believe it or not we actually have 2 shortcut single letters left in the
english alphabet for use on the main window.  One of these is "h" and we
are saving it for Help !  The other letter is "p" which I think should be
saved for "p-hyllis".

P.S. gg's experiment was done faster than I could finish this email due to
interruptions.  With CINX, you can ONLY create 10-bit output when you
render.   gg/phyllis
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