[Cin] Ungrouping of video and audio clips after some edits

Xing Tu xtu360 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 18:24:08 CET 2019

I just played around with the align edits feature. It works as
intended but not what I was looking for. It's helpful if, like is
stated in the manual, the audio happens to exceed or is shorter than
the video and is in sync from the start. However, I'm purposefully
having the audio/video of one "clip" overlap that of another and using
the feature to either truncate a preceding "clip" or add empty space
is, in this case, making the audio/video out of sync.
I made another video addressing the suggestion of using the new groups
feature here https://youtu.be/YAt5SDCIhn8. Also, is there a way to
view a list of undos? I wasn't able to find anything by searching for
"undo" or "history" in the pdf.

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