[Cin] Ungrouping of video and audio clips after some edits

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 19:40:56 CET 2019


> I'm purposefully
having the audio/video of one "clip" overlap that of another and using
> the feature to either truncate a preceding "clip" or add empty space
> is, in this case, making the audio/video out of sync.

I think that you are omitting the fact that all track streams must be
independent.  If they are always bound in the way you seem to describe, it
would not be possible to create arbitrary alignments.  This is essential,
since the result must support all possible media placements.
Unfortunately, there are several ways in which operations can be
implemented and in order to have it work the way one person expects, than
another way does not work.  Case in point is BT issue #85 where the Shift
key is discussed.

You can still get what you want by switching from Arrow mode (Drag and
Drop) to Ibeam mode (Cut and Paste).  Switch quickly using the shortcut
letter "e" in the main window.  Now in Ibeam mode:
1) left mouse drag the area you want to cut, it will be white highlighted
on ALL TRACKS to include audio
2) use the shortcut letter "x" to cut it out; you can use this method to
easily add silence instead with letter "m"
Even the above leads to preference differences because now you have to
remember to arm/disarm tracks you DO NOT want to cut.

> I made another video addressing the suggestion of using the new groups
> feature here https://youtu.be/YAt5SDCIhn8.

The undo is specifically for "edit" operations and grouping is not
considered an edit but the state at the time of the undo edit is reverted
to the last commit for an editing operation - this is what you show in your

> Also, is there a way to view a list of undos?
There is no obvious way, but you can do a Ctrl-C from the terminal window
where you started running cin and it will create a /tmp/cin...dmp file that
contains the last 32 UNDO entries (I only tested when logged in as root and
most importantly, you can only do this once per run because the second
time, it stops cinelerra).
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