[Cin] FYI: Changes checked into code repository today

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 04:39:54 CET 2019

The noticable changes to the Cinelerra-gg code today include:
1) File pulldown has the Dumps grouped together in the submenu which now
include "Undo" - prints out on terminal window when started from a window.
It will show the last 32 un-do's only generically in a program-atically way.
2) Double edge drag/drop (new way, not old one) now allows for overwrite
and insert and colors are as follows:
 green means OK to drop
 yellow means OK to drop and will right next to the other edit AND if you
hold down Shift at the same time, it makes a space too
 blue means OK to insert here between edits (this was not available to do
 red means while holding down Shift key and dragging, it will now let you
overwrite on the edge (different than before)
 orange means you can not drop anywhere on this track; for example, you can
not drop a video clip on an audio track

We did not make any new builds, but will do so if requested since we always
like more testers.   gg/Phyllis
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