[Cin] FYI: Changes checked into code repository today

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Jan 5 10:25:27 CET 2019

GG/Phyllis, I would be glad if you could make a build for Ubuntu16 
(when/if you have time). Thanks.

Il 04/01/2019 4.39, Phyllis Smith ha scritto:
> The noticable changes to the Cinelerra-gg code today include:
> 1) File pulldown has the Dumps grouped together in the submenu which 
> now include "Undo" - prints out on terminal window when started from a 
> window.  It will show the last 32 un-do's only generically in a 
> program-atically way.
> 2) Double edge drag/drop (new way, not old one) now allows for 
> overwrite and insert and colors are as follows:
>  green means OK to drop
>  yellow means OK to drop and will right next to the other edit AND if 
> you hold down Shift at the same time, it makes a space too
>  blue means OK to insert here between edits (this was not available to 
> do before)
>  red means while holding down Shift key and dragging, it will now let 
> you overwrite on the edge (different than before)
>  orange means you can not drop anywhere on this track; for example, 
> you can not drop a video clip on an audio track
> We did not make any new builds, but will do so if requested since we 
> always like more testers.   gg/Phyllis

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