[Cin] Multi Viewer / Multi Cameras - ExpertUsage - OpenMixers

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Jan 24 17:26:26 CET 2019

Hi at all,
I have done a short Demo video (6m14s) with the description to show the 
use of that powerful feature.
In the demo you can see that I use four video source, but you can use 
more. I hope it can be useful.
File: Demo_MultiCameras-ExpertUsage_OpenMixers.(mov)

@Andrea paz
I'm sorry if I don't write/answer to you (and others) in the Forum.


If someone is interested to change the text in yellow colour, I can send 
the Cinelerra Project file with the screencast sources, without Music 
for license problems.
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