[Cin] What is in today's GIT checkin, you ask...

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sat Jan 26 20:27:24 CET 2019

Thank you for the changes. I find more options better and I can continue 
to use it as before, so I don't see it as problematic.

1.) I just find it problematic that there is no way to use the five 
different options without having to change the settings. Five options on 
three buttons is a bit awkward. I have an alternative suggestion. I have 
added a photomontage.


With this option I extend the buttons. In my example I have used the 
Ctrl key, Igor suggested the Shift key for this, if you can think of a 
better one, then I would like to use another key as well. Whatever key 
you use, the main thing is a toggle switch. So I have the possibility to 
use all options without having to go into the settings every time.

2.) The split view in the compositor (Shift + Drag) I would define as an 
option in the settings. I almost always use the split view and would be 
happy if I always had it without having to press the shift key every 
time. People who have deactivated this option in the settings and only 
want to use it at certain places should have the possibility to activate 
it further temporarily with Shift + Drag. I would name the item as 
follows "Always use split view in compositor". Maybe you can think of a 
better phrase.


Am 26.01.19 um 19:58 schrieb Phyllis Smith:
> IgorB:
>     Seems to me that you are mixing five mode (Ripple, Rolling, Slip,
>     Slide, Edge) with only the mouse's three buttons and left&right
>     pointer.
> You can still just use the old way with the default setting of Drag 
> all, Drag one, Drag Source which are pretty much equivalent to Ripple, 
> Roll, and Slip.  But now at least you have the option of using a 
> couple of different ones instead.  I don't see a problem and think it 
> is clearer - I compared the Old Way and the New Way and you can get 
> the same results.  ??? Phyllis
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