[Cin] What is in today's GIT checkin, you ask...

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Jan 26 21:51:05 CET 2019

Phyllis, you are saying I can use it as before, but it doesn't work as 
before, sorry (this afternoon I tested the new version (built: Jan 25 
2019) vs "20181231" version). Or maybe, is there a key to press together 
with the mouse button? I tried Ctrl, Alt and looked in Preferences.
The modes also depends on the arrow's direction on the edge, if it is 
right or left, or am I wrong?

When I used "Adobe Premiere Pro2", time ago, I remember that it had 4 
icons for 4 different mode (ripple, rolling, slip, slide) and only LMB. 
But you know.

Like Sam, I always use split view on Compositor when I drag an edge 
(with Shift key). Other NLE use split view by default then the Shift key 
could be avalaible for the new modes, I think.
And I agree with Sam's points 1 and 2.

I know that you, GG and Phyllis, have spent a lot of time for that, 
butsorry, I repeat myself, for me is not very comfortable, now. Of 
course it is only my opinion.


Il 26/01/2019 20.27, Sam ha scritto:
> Thank you for the changes. I find more options better and I can 
> continue to use it as before, so I don't see it as problematic.
> 1.) I just find it problematic that there is no way to use the five 
> different options without having to change the settings.  Five options 
> on three buttons is a bit awkward. I have an alternative suggestion. I 
> have added a photomontage.
> https://ibb.co/FV2XZkk
> With this option I extend the buttons. In my example I have used the 
> Ctrl key, Igor suggested the Shift key for this, if you can think of a 
> better one, then I would like to use another key as well. Whatever key 
> you use, the main thing is a toggle switch. So I have the possibility 
> to use all options without having to go into the settings every time.
> 2.) The split view in the compositor (Shift + Drag) I would define as 
> an option in the settings. I almost always use the split view and 
> would be happy if I always had it without having to press the shift 
> key every time. People who have deactivated this option in the 
> settings and only want to use it at certain places should have the 
> possibility to activate it further temporarily with Shift + Drag. I 
> would name the item as follows "Always use split view in compositor". 
> Maybe you can think of a better phrase.
> Sam
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