[Cin] What is in today's GIT checkin, you ask...

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 17:42:33 CET 2019

*Terje:* short note, unfortunately x265 updated around January 19th is
version 2.9 and usually we like to run for at least a week before doing new
builds so probably will not update to 3.0 just yet.

*Sam/Igor*: will have to see what can be done to make these new changes
more friendly and resolve any confusion.  Here is some initial feedback

> With this option I extend the buttons. In my example I have used the Ctrl
> key, Igor suggested the Shift key for this,
The Ctrl key is already gobbled up by the Snap feature, which was an
important feature request and has been in a long time so can not be given
up.  Yes, it is used in conjunction with Alt+ another character, but as
soon as the Ctrl key is seen, the code takes off with snapping.

The split view in the compositor (Shift + Drag) I would define as an option
> in the settings. I almost always use the split view and would be happy if I
> always had it without having to press the shift key every time.

GG would like to have the Shift key back for the mouse actions instead and
agrees it would be nice not to have to use Shift for the split view BUT
currently has no alternative plan.  *Still thinking about what to do... *

When I used "Adobe Premiere Pro2", time ago, I remember that it had 4 icons
> for 4 different mode (ripple, rolling, slip, slide) and only LMB.

My understanding is that there is extra clicking involved because in order
to use these you have to first "select" the appropriate tool.  I could very
well be wrong. Using all 3 mouse buttons is better than having to select
each time.

> Like Sam, I always use split view on Compositor when I drag an edge (with
> Shift key). Other NLE use split view by default then the Shift key could be
> avalaible for the new modes, I think.

I can not recall now why the Shift key was necessary, but I am pretty sure
it was due to a code conflict.  I will find out later.

> The modes also depends on the arrow's direction on the edge, if it is
> right or left, or am I wrong?

Yes it does.  If you look at drag1.txt where is says, for example, "roll
left" that means the drag handle is pointed left and then the < and >
characters over the textboxes indicate you are dragging with the
left-facing arrow to the left (<) or to the right (>).  And then where it
says "roll right" that means the drag handle is pointed right.  It took me
a loooooooooong time to test and understand drag1.txt but it was necessary
for programming purposes to get the code correct and also to ensure that
all of the cases that worked in the Old Way were incorporated into the New

Also, in case IgorB did not notice, there are the keys "11" , "00", "10"
... to indicate that the effects and autos get correctly moved with the
clips.  It is quite complicated code.

I hope this helps a little and you know we will continue to improve
whatever we can!   gg/Phyllis
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