[Cin] Cinelerra-HV 7.1 has been released

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 19:38:23 CET 2019

With some review by GG yesterday in hopes of finding something usable, here
is some disappointing feedback.

*1/22/19 - Cinelerra 7.1 Exporting of H.265 video in Quicktime. ...*

> I don't think CinGG has anything more to do with quicktime,

The developers at ffmpeg take care of quicktime which Cin-gg takes
advantage of -- codecs is what they do and they are truly experts.
*...Seeking for MKV/WEBM files*

> Who can explain to me what it is: "Seeking for MKV/WEBM files"?
Seeking is just non-sequential read, i.e. changing the position of the
insertion pointer on the timeline*. * BTW, as far as I was able to see, hv
has not been able to do any seeks going backwards for a long time.

*...More bugs fixed.*
- After spending at least 2 hours getting 7.1 to compile in Fedora, gg was
able to actually run it but only in debug mode and then still got a SEGV
quite quickly.  Finally got mpeg/ts  media loaded and it would play
sequentially. After another 3 hours of looking for potential usable bug
fixes there was nothing that made any sense to port.
- There is 1 new plugin, spheretranslate, which is surprising because it
seems like it should have been put into the spherecam plugin.
- It seems most of the differences are modification of window_h and
window_w from 100 to DP(100), i.e. a hard-coded number to a potential
variable scaled size.  According to gg, this was not a very good way to do
that and is much better done another way.  Eventually a true scaling
operation, along with "strings" will be put into cin-gg.

so maybe it's a useless update for us.

And for everyone else.  In my opinion, the smart thing to do would be for
both hv and cv to adopt gg as a good starting point so there is cinelerra
software that all users can use and the confusion is ended once and for
all.  But I guess we all know by now that that is never going to happen.
(Phyllis ONLY)
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