[Cin] Need help: Picture of the ShuttlePro Controller

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed Jan 30 18:23:21 CET 2019

Hi guys.

Can anyone send me some homemade pictures of the ShuttlePro 2.0 
controller? I would like to publish them on the homepage. I don't have a 
controller yet and the pictures on the internet are not good enough. I 
need pictures of all possible perspectives on a white background. From 
above in a 45, 60, 70, 80 and 90 degree angle from above and from the 
side. On the homepage two pictures with a computer are to be seen, in 
this angle I would need the pictures. Please use a good exposure if 
possible. The image rights would have to be released for the website. 
Many thanks in advance.



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