[Cin] Buttons for Mask tool window

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Jul 15 13:49:49 CEST 2019

Thanks for the new Cin build (20190715). I saw you have done a lot of 
work, thanks.
Sorry if yesterday I did not thank you about all the works you are doing 
but, among photomontages (PNGs, animated GIF) and new Cin build, I don't 
understand what is true (software) or false (photomontage).
In Cin-20190715 build I see you changed the code for the reset button 
(Clear) in Neophyte and Cakewalk themes but in 
"plugins/theme_cakewalk/data/" is needed to swap the names of the two 
PNGs files: “reset_dn.png” and “reset_hi.png”.
Finally, you are too fast, I need more time to create the buttons of all 
the themes: every theme has its own colours.

Sorry Olaf, I think you will have update your master files. I hope it is 
good for you too.

About radio buttons and checkbox buttons in "Select", "Enable", "Presets 
shapes", "Position&Scale" I preferred the compacted version (the buttons 
closest one to each other), but with right alignment.

Thank you so much!
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