[Cin] Buttons for Mask tool window

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Mon Jul 15 14:24:10 CEST 2019


> @Sam
> About radio buttons and checkbox buttons in "Select", "Enable", 
> "Presets shapes", "Position&Scale" I preferred the compacted version 
> (the buttons closest one to each other), but with right alignment.
Hi Igor, the photomontage was a suggestion. I was hoping to hear from 
you. I didn't expect him to implement my suggestion so quickly. He's 
just so incredibly fast at programming, which is good for the project.

In the future I would recommend to make several suggestions, if there is 
no consensus we can start a user survey. It's certainly good, if several 
users decide with us. We could use Google forms or other survey tools.

I'm afraid GG might get on his nerves if we change the layout again. I 
assume that he would like to close the mask topic. If an overwhelming 
majority wants a slightly different design then I think he would 
certainly not be averse to modifying it slightly. I myself am open to it.

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