[Cin] Buttons for Mask tool window

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Jul 16 11:31:36 CEST 2019

Okay, all the new buttons for all the themes for Mask tool are in 
compressed file added.
Unfortunately the buttons for Blond-cv and Blue-dot themes are really 
ugly, sorry; at the beginning I was reworking these buttons but then I 
wondered myself “how many user use these themes?”, “Does it make sense 
to waste time making buttons that nobody uses?”. If You think different 
I will rework those buttons for Blond-cv and Blue-dot themes.
 >> MaskTool_point-prst-pstn-scale_btns.tar.gz

I noticed that for the Enable (Show/Hide) button is used the Reset 
button. I think it should be another type of icon to distinguish 
features. I have done a few of demo buttons and I show you in the 
animated GIF. (Sorry GG another button, sigh-sigh. Sometimes I prefer 
the Generic button with the text inside because it is more flexible also 
from coder’s point of view, I think).
 >> MaskTool_ShowHidebtn_demo_201900716.gif

My doubt/consideration about Presets Shapes:
Now, with the 4 icons for each shape, when you press the its button, the 
mask is drawn immediately and it overwrite, if any, the previous mask. 
At the beginning, with the three Generic button Load-Save-Del, before 
overwriting the previous mask, you had to open its menu, to choose the 
shape in the list and then click on it. More clicks but you had time to 
What do you think about, please?

Sorry Sam, when I saw your last photomontage I tried to login in 
MantisBT but at that time it didn’t work, and then I have done a full 
immersion in buttons, that I dream even when I sleep. ;-p

Thank you!

(the buttons have been tested in Cin version: 
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