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Hi Andrea, 
Sorry for long lasting silence from me, the work and other things needs
to be done.  I finally finished with Plugins chapter. 
You done a very good job with it.
My repo is updated.
Line wrapping is a truncating text  line by some amount of characters, 
historically its 80 characters long.
I prefer a semantic line wrap by sentences.
But it's up to user to do a line brake or not.
Novice LaTeX users prefer not to use linewrap.
For a Git usage I prefer use Diff by words.

пн, 1 июл. 2019 г., 19:08 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:

> @Olaf.
> Every month I write an email containing LaTeX and Manual in the title
> to continue the discussion and translation work with einhander. I
> installed the whole package, plus the Greek and Russian languages. Of
> course I also installed an editor, that is TexStudio.
> It would be nice if you could also contribute (in any way).
> "I also noticed that the lines in the TeX documents are all written
> without wrapping. When using Git and Diff, however, hard line breaks
> could be useful, short lines limited to less than 80 characters
> simplify the clarity."
> My knowledge of \LaTeX is very superficial and therefore I have not
> understood what you mean by wrapping the text.
> It would be nice if you could also contribute (in any way).
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