[Cin] Variable bitrate file processing problems

preobraz at gmail.com preobraz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 02:47:54 CEST 2019

Why I did not try to open the file on a clean profile - I do not know. 
Many thanks for the tip! Also, it turned out to start the sound by 
changing the device in the program settings.
Here is a link to the archive directory /tmp/bcast5:
although now everything works for me.
Thanks again for the help.


29.07.2019 16:49, Good Guy пишет:
> Hi,
> Sorry to hear you are having trouble.
> I loaded the vid.mp4 file on my system and it seems to work as it should.
> This means I don't have a way to debug the problem.  If it works here, I
> can't fix it.  I need a way to produce the problem so I can fix it.
> On my system, the timeline thumbnails are all drawn, but not in your
> img.png,
> The view loads and plays the media, and the audio is decoded and plays.
> The only thing that was unusual was that the framerate was 19.8333, but it
> plays audio and video synchronously, so it does not seem to cause a problem.
> The asset info detail menu shows:
> file path: /tmp/vid.mp4
>    94650090 bytes
> info:
> format: mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2
> 1 video stream
> vid0 (0),  id 0x00001b:
>    video1 h264 1920x1080 19.83 pix yuvj420p
>      745+0 frms 37.56 secs  0:00:37.56
> 1 audio stream
> aud0 (1),  id 0x015002:
>    audio1-2 aac fltp 48000 0bits
>      1803236+0 smpl 37.57 secs  0:00:37.57
> major_brand=mp42
> minor_version=0
> compatible_brands=isommp42
> creation_time=2019-07-26T13:28:21.000000Z
> com.android.version=7.0
> This loads and plays.  The media seems undamaged on my system.
> The wave display (in img.png) in the main window timeline shows that
> at least the audio was decoded.  This means that the file format
> and audio codecs probed correctly, and that the audio decoder
> works even though you cannot hear it.  I suspect the sound device
> or audio driver setup needs attention.  Check Settings->Preferences
> for the *Playback A Audio Out setup.  I attached a scrngrab of my
> playback prefs for comparision.
> I was not able to get the timeline thumbnails to fail.  The usual
> reason that the timeline redraw is damaged like this is that the
> media does not support seeking, not all media supports seeking...
> but in the sample you provided restarts playback at any point
> on the timeline, so seeking seems to work for this sample.
> Zooming the timebar (up/dn arrow keys on the timeline) causes
> new thumbnails to be created correctly (uses seeking) as well.
> An easy way to check setup changes is to start cinelerra using:
> CIN_CONFIG=/tmp/bcast5 /<path>/cin
> and open the media file without reconfiguring anything.
> This uses all defaults, and not modify your normal .bcast5 config.
> The Audio Driver selection normaly works well with Alsa "default",
> but does also work with direct Alsa interfaces (Device: pulldown menu).
> I have not tried OSS recently, and I do not have any of the other
> legacy sound boards so I cannot test them. On my system, I can get
> my "Syba 7.1 Surround Sound #0" running "16 bit", but that takes a
> kernel mod.  It is my experience that it is rare for Alsa to fail.
> If possible, create a /tmp/bcast5 using the above method, and send
> a tarball of this directory to me.  I can use it to create a more
> complete setup to retest the problem.
> gg
> Attached: vid.png
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 3:06 AM <preobraz at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Opened a video file with a variable bitrate - it turned out not very
>> well. Advise what to do to handle such files in the program? I do not
>> want pre-encoding.
>> Video
>> https://yadi.sk/i/pHpGWq4f00yVLA
>> Image
>> https://yadi.sk/i/K9fEyyNnBzT-zQ
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>> Ugin.
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