[Cin] Transparency (alpha) problem seems to be fixed in latest GIT checkin +

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 06:02:25 CEST 2019

Besides the fix for the transparency bug, a bunch of accumulated small bugs
got checked in also.  The lines preceded by ** were reported by users.  The
transparency bug was BugTracker #226. Below is a summary.

A gl_probe for OpenGL usage was added to detect GL version 4.3 for the
shader so automatically uses software instead for computers still at
version 1.x.

** Transparency using OpenGL generally and specifically for the Title
plugin has been corrected.

TV recording batch path directory was not being set, only the filename,
this is now fixed.

Correction to handling YUV in openGL masking is in.

Sync up mask engine with playback 3d bezier.

Cleanup done in the Overlay plugin.

Fixed “drag” checkbox coordinates in plugins like Title, CriKey,…
for render effect.

** The checkboxes for the mask numbers when there are no armed tracks
caused SEGV, but now fixed.

The Title plugin now updates gui if overlay coordinates change.

If there are no active masks, do not do any checks and do not draw anything
to avoid time spent.

Always insert media at position 0 when using insertion strategy of “Append
in new tracks“.

Changed insertion strategy wording from “Paste at insertion point” to Paste
over selection / at insertion point”.

Corrections for crop vattachment vfrm copy and gl flip_y coords twice (in

** Fix for use of Render Effect SEGV as discovered by Ugin. It no longer
crashes but without a track when using the Title plugin, it may be of
little use.
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